joi, 7 iulie 2011

Top 5 Unnecessary Horror Movie Series

   In the horror movie world, folks get lazy. They think if millions watch it, they can keep it going and going and going. Well, that is NOT true. Some horror series are better off DEAD.

So, I'm going to call out the 5 horror movie series that should have been DEAD on arrival... Or at least after the 3rd movie.

Child's Play 1-5 - Why was there a Bride of Chucky?

Subspecies 1-5 This was a direct to video Vampire series. Not cute, but effective

Saw 1- Too Many! Kill this Series already!

Leprechaun 1-6 This series was painful to watch

Friday the 13th 1-12 Including the remake and the battle with Freddy

We can also add the series Halloween too

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